Have you considered the dozens in the room where the al Qaeda captain took rest or where, after a few moments, the second mafia's job was similar to saintly traffic? Or on the other hand once in a secluded room, Joseph Bakker is used by Amario Argento and Liberty LaMarc? Tian Lola Floors, Tongolul, Tin Tian, ​​Perez Pardo? Hugo del Carl 4 or George Negro? Painter David Alfallo Seksar and chess icon Jose Rawalpindi ...?

These possible outcomes are located at the Cellila Hotel, perhaps the most established inn in Cuba. It is a place, a piece of the "human in our person" story, one of Graham Green's famous books. Any person who was a visitor of this accommodation. Hence Georges Simonean, Inspector of Famous Personality Inspector Magger, and Ernst Hamming were the creators of the epic. Enrico Carrasa and Robin three were living in their accommodation on the way to Havana, for example, Mary Penford, to which the inn dedicated a mixed drink, which is still a sign of establishment.

The use of its offices, based on the well-known offices, is an inn with a subordination. He and he had previously completed 100 years of administration. It was the primary grand inn in the island, and today, due to its comfort and its improved four-star-type accommodation, it is still in Cuba's decision of the most loved inn for a wonderful occasion. Deployed, this exquisite design adds to its needs, utilizing the advancement of Gnada, columns and mosques in Grada, Andlandovicia, as well as the doors of the Pto de la Loon in Alberta. And more, its best location, after Poseau del Prado and a few meters from Havana's Malcon, a place worth paying attention to, and a prestigious exhibition hall and an extraordinary bar and a few stages in Cuba.

Lodging Salala in Old Havana. The inn passed a few feet from its establishments. The Sevilla Hotel was introduced in 1908. In the event that you take a look at the picture of its original face, you can realize that its real owner was a Spanish man named Gonzales. The man later sold housing to an American organization, which he offered to the US Capital Bettermo Company. Americans consistently realized how to create the most profitable business, and to improve the travel industry in the island of the later century, they have attempted to further expand their offices.

He produced a 10-story work at the Hotel Plaza, an inn with the face of Pizzo del Pedro. As of first importance, an emergency clinic was to suit this structure, yet it was never opened in light of the fact that the owners of the hall's city lobby declared an area as a quiet area, The state of construction of a restorative foundation in gaining an original. Experienced Issues. At that point the American organization incorporated the inn into the new structure and revived in 1924 as the Seville Blatter Hotel. Thus, even today, the innovative approach to lodging has two styles, an attractive old style that can be seen on the street, and an advanced present day view of Paseo del Prado.

Pleased with the explosion in the travel industry at the time, as we stated in the primary article, this was sustained by the national and global circumstances in which the inn class employed another inn in Havana. Benefited on the basis that their owners are the Hippodome and the National Gambling Club.

Cuban was a haven for exposing its fortunes in betting and boxing, for an executive driven by indulgence and fun, yet as pointed out by the travelers of the time, a part of Cuban Quick's highlights is the visitor explosion. Can. Recognized from our "Vacations Places": "When there is an opportunity to play in Cuba" (A La Hôtel de Cocht a Cuba), its author Basalone created these opportunities for potential voyagers: "Meet all of your needs." You can try yourself "luck in the lottery and do you believe it's genu

In 1939, the Italian-fiction eugulist, Cellila Hotel Italy Bittai, was the head of one of the four groups of the Hanifa Mafia empire. They changed from living until 1956, from the betting of Havana to the pad.

Around the same time, with a progressive development feat in January, Don Emily, who controlled heroin traffic in the US, left his inn on the arrival of a revival at the Uruguayan embassy. Many heavy suits are loaded with cash in the form of their products. At the time, the Sililla Hotel was used for the nearby travel industry until 1989, when it reopened in 1993, closing its entryway for a major fix, which exposed it constantly.