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Havana Hotel - Found in the Past and the Future

State of mind, convention, solitude, and thought are features that I think of the Hana Hotel, where elevation and old-fashioned structures blend in with joy.

When choosing your destination for Cuba for your vacation, make sure the Cuban capital is visible during your stay. This ancient city has taken a break with a unique original interest. In this remarkable focus, UNESCO declared World Heritage in 1982, and it is a place that has ensured all the intrigues of its rise.

This piece of the city is home to fine private and traditional Havana plains, where the charm of the pioneering design and exceptional atmosphere makes you unique.

In Old Havana you can see traditional and unique inns like Santa Iselel, Park Center, Suratga, Tegrafio, Ambos Mandos, Candy de Valencio and Palacio Magol.

The Santa Claus Isabel Hotel has pioneered a fire of great excellence, which has constantly enticed travelers. Stunning rooms designed with nineteenth-century style, an exquisite restaurant and clever focal gourmet (an exceptionally attractive place for lunch) are a part of intrigue-ridden offices. The center is found in this accommodation, where perhaps one of the best craftsman and unique work of Cuba follows the dividers.

At the core of Old Hana, is an incredible area of ​​accommodation in which it is housed in the Art Square. You can admire a delightful view from this splendid porch, which is finished with beautiful colorful glass, and the city's splendid mansion, the bay, that of Christ, La Gulelela (the city's exhibition hall) and the Paleso forcibly Let's welcome memories. The value of the idol. The Las Vegas Captain General Santa Isabel Hotel is a small yet opulent selection with an attractive atmosphere for couples and honey bees.

Again, on the off chance that you have a lightsaber at the Park Central Hotel, you will get a lot of involvement with leveling around the world. It is a lofty and opulent 5-star accommodation, featuring Spanish pilgrimage style with highly present-day administration and offices. This option has bright areas of more than one inn, surrounded by various popular structures, for example, the Capitol and the Garcia Lorca Theater, famous for the best the Belle has to offer. Havana's weapons, expression squares, shops, historical centers and others are close for a walk. What's more, in the event that you survive the stay, you'll get a display of old-fashioned vehicles and cute autos from the "Coco Charge" running on the road.

Still, I love the Park Central Hotel with a rooftop pool, where you have spectacular views over the Caribbean Sea and Old Havana, including unusual viewpoints on Central Park and the Prado Pyramid. You can likewise revive yourself with a couple of drinks or indulge by a tropical nursery and grab a morning meal on the porch / café and be situated on the highest floor. This is an agreed location.

Then, the Old Hana Hotel Saratanga Hotel, which was stationed in 2006 with a hot stay of the 60 best inns on the planet. It is a fast structure with naval-molded / natural fires clearly employed for those individuals who need to discover the social and recorded idea of ​​the city. Inside, basic, comprehensive, exquisite and agreeable, structured by European experts, with traditional conveniences, joined with ideal luxuries to guarantee agreed soles for visitors.

The Surat Building has an advantage before the Capitol Building and Fraternity Park, so one has an astonishing view on the extraordinary partagás cigarette industrial facility and the essential show place of Cuba's Great Theater Cuba. What's more, it is famous for a gradual journey through the island's famous superstar of social and public activity.

The Telegrapho Hotel is another major case of lodging at Hana, which has consolidated creative planning with inventive style. After seeing the focal park, it is a true and lavish accommodation that returns with us that helps us remember the inn route during the XIX century. Its overall tone has modernized a contemporary style, reflecting blue. As an outstanding and colossal earthen divider as Cologne, Halloween is indicating components of the provincial design. Phenomenal patent with wells and old edges is an ideal break for only a mid-day break.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you follow a mature age after Ernst Hammingway, you should visit the Ambush Mandas Hotel. Here you can meet the room of the famous writer, who has gone from day to day in his permanent home. During his stay, towards the beginning of 1930, he composed the main part of his novel, "Belize Tool", as he believed it was a good place to compose.

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