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Fruit Face Packs

Strawberry Pack: This fruit paste works well for people with oily skin. Mix the spoon with strawberry juice, multani mitti, aloe mashed spoon and half a cup of honey. Apply this mixture on the face and rinse it. This coating reduces pimples. Excessive oily dysfunction. This paste can be worn thrice a week. People with dry skin should not try this pack. This is because the vitamin C rich in this fruit makes the skin more dry.

Date Pack: Soak Karzural in water for four hours. Then mix in the mixture and stir, spoon milk powder and mix well. Rinse is the result. You can also try Gingerbread Refresh available in the market.

Orange Face Pack: This face pack. Specifically designed for the skin's natural oily skin, Lily Skin removes excess oily and dryness on the skin. Face packs can be packaged with orange juice or dried peels. Orange masks can be mashed together with honey. Orange Gujuki Sandals Wood Powder, Multani Crockery Pack For Facial. Not only this, the light of the face increases. The golden face comes with a glow.

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